"I am more relaxed and also confident in feeling grounded, mentally more aware, and I feel like the tension that was wound up in my body has been released. I feel an optimism and energy I haven't felt before." - Adrian

"I'm a lot more relaxed. I let go of stress a lot faster. I don't have as many anxious thoughts. My shoulders and neck are looser." - Jennifer

"I have lots of flexibility in my back. I can bend down without any pain. I no longer feel stiff. I feel a lot more calm. Little things no longer make me lash out. Even when I become frustrated with my circumstances or other people, I rarely lash out and when I do its without the passion and anger that I used to have." - Laurie

"I sleep much better, the chronic pain from my permanently dislocated collar-bone has eased immensely, I no longer get migraine headaches, and my energy level has increased. It has opened me up to be more aware of my feelings and has launched me down a path of personal growth. It has made me aware of how powerful the mind is." - Marie

"I had a bad week with a lot of emotional turmoil and the Reiki helped me release the built up stress. I felt more relaxed than I ever have from any massage. I was surprised when Caely-Ann asked me about my left knee after the treatment because it had been giving me grief but I didn't mention it to her" - Debbie

"Caely-Ann has a special gift, she guides you to tap into the places you need, in order to begin the work necessary to obtain the results you are looking for. She is kind, patient, and intuitive. My last bio-energy session with her was extremely helpful in unblocking mental clutter, and reconnecting with my emotional side I had lost track of." - Julia