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Take control of your health, take control of your life

Free yourself from limitations, open yourself up to possibilities and embrace your fullest life. Physical pain, emotional turmoil, mental stress, feeling limited and un-inspired, unclear of your path or what choices to make, feeling small or stuck in anger or complacency are all things you don’t have to live with. Intuitive energy healing and Soul Realignment readings can help you move past whatever it is that is holding you back. Click here to learn about Bio-Energy Healing, Reiki, Soul Realignment readings and Drum Healing or if you’re ready to take a step closer to an overall sense of wellbeing right now, book your first treatment with me here.

I am more relaxed and also confident in feeling grounded, mentally more aware, and I feel like the tension that was wound up in my body has been released. I feel an optimism and energy I haven’t felt before.
— Adrian