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Bio-Energy Healing

Bio-Energy Healing is a gentle, yet powerful healing modality that provides incredible results by assisting your body’s natural energy in flowing freely. It alleviates physical pain, provides mental clarity and activates the release of emotions. You feel empowered to make choices that are in alignment with what you want and energizes, centres and grounds you. Many clients experience a lightness and renewed self-confidence after treatment. It works in the three stages of connecting, detoxing, and balancing. It requires very little touch and is fully safe to use on all conditions. Visit the FAQ page to see some of the conditions it has improved or eliminated altogether.



Reiki is a very gentle and loving non-invasive modality that promotes the flow of your body’s natural energy system. It is deeply relaxing, promotes a sense of self, can assist in connecting to your inner spirit, infuses the body cells with love and light, and can help alleviate emotional and physical pain

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Drum Healing

Drums have been used in shamanic healing practices for centuries as a way to connect our body and spirit. The vibration of the drum affects us on a cellular level and brings our mind’s awareness into the moment, taking us within and without at the same time. The sound of the drum takes us back to our ancestral beginnings and the root of who we are, feeling stirred yet safe, free to travel through worlds and times where transformation can take place. You choose if you want to reset, release, or invoke something into your life during these sessions. These treatments take place in your home.

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Drum Ceremony

Drum ceremony brings back the power of ritual, ceremony and community into our lives. It can be used to celebrate a joyous occasion or a rite of passage, or to help heal and release in safe and intimate gathering. These are group sessions that intentionally bring together loved ones in support and love for one another and are beautifully powerful. These ceremonies take place in your home or venue.