What does Bio-Energy Healing treat?

Bio-Energy Healing is not limited to treating specific conditions because the focus is on the cause of the illness; the blocked energy in the Bio-Field. However, many illnesses have responded favorably to treatment including: back pain, headaches, migraine, stress, anxiousness, arthritis, asthma, allergies, eczema, irritable bowl syndrome, chronic fatigue, menstrual dysfunction, impotence, depression, digestive problems, ulcers, cysts, insomnia, emotional problems, diabetes, epilepsy, addictions and physical injuries from sports or accidents.

What is involved in a Bio-Energy treatment?

Different series of hand movements are used around the client during the treatment to increase the flow of energy and bring blockages in the Bio-Field to the surface, release the blockages to restore the energy flow, and then balance and ground the client. The majority of the treatment is given with the client standing with a shorter portion with the client seated, or as the client requires. Energy flows vertically through us so standing during treatment optimizes results, however, if standing is not possible, results are still seen.

Some clients experience sensations such as cold, heat or tingling, seeing colours, or swaying and feeling pulled or pushed by the energy during a session.

What is involved in a drum treatment?

You will be bathed in the vibration and sound of the drum, at times loud and intense and at others soft and comforting. You will set an intention, stand for a short period and lay down for the majority of the treatment. Each session is tailored to you.

What is a drum ceremony?

For celebration, invite your loved ones to gather to hear you share your story and then support and celebrate you with you during a drum bath. Examples of celebration are new beginnings, marriage/engagement, births, personal milestones, professional milestones, new homes, first menses, transitions, etc.. For healing and release ceremonies, invite two to six of your trusted ones to gather and hold space for you while you share your story then have two of them stand with you as you receive a drum bath to release what is no longer serving you. Examples of healing/release ceremonies are loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, grief, illness, emotional pain, suffering, etc..

What does a Reiki treatment look like?

A Reiki treatment involves light touch with hand placements around the body to help direct the flow of energy through the body to assist in healing. You will be lying down for the entire treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

It depends on what you’re seeking healing for. For example, a single Bio-Energy Healing session will start the healing and shifting process immediately but for incredible and lasting results, and if you are seeking treatment for a specific issue or ailment, a full course of treatments is recommended. This is typically 4 sessions that take place over 4 consecutive weeks with a follow up session after 3-4 weeks or over 4 consecutive days, with a follow up after 3-4 weeks. Depending upon the nature of a person’s condition, how serious it is and how long they have had it, some clients may require a second course of sessions.

Where are you located?

I’ll see you in my home in James Bay, Victoria or in your home, I offer mobile treatments. Drum treatments and ceremonies currently take place in your home.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or email transfer to livelightenergyhealing@gmail.com are accepted forms of payment.